April 3, 2011


Our environmental video trilogy PROPHECY&POLLUTION
has published for free viewing on YouTube:

Missing the first nine-minutes of Hopi history (Part I),
but still including the prophecy (Part II EARTH SPIRIT)
and the pollution (Part III 3RD WORLD INVESTMENT SEMINAR)

You have presented many admirable films, and your rejection of our environmental warning film PROPHECY & POLLUTION with its horrendously repulsive images of birth defects due to nuclear radiation is completely understandable.  Audiences do not want to see such ugly stuff, much less pay to do so.  I did not shoot those images and myself, I did not and do not want to look at them.

On the other hand, those horrors are what is true and what is happening.  Those shots of birth defects from radiation should have been seen in Japan during the planning for  nuclear energy, as they show what many coming Japanese children may endure.

Just as praising peace is fine but will not by itself stop those who make war, so praising good environmental practices will not stop those who would profit regardless.

My gratitude and admiration go out to the GreenScreen Film Festival in California and the S.U.R.G.E. Film Festival in Texas and Oregon  and the Al Jazeera International Film Festival for having the nerve to screen the movie.

Maybe film festivals should not pretend to deal with the environment if the demands of box office conflict with showing the complete and total truth. We made PROPHECY & POLLUTION primarily in the hope teachers would force students to look to learn truth and provoke discussion, but teachers these days are afraid for their jobs, and we would give a DVD to any teacher willing to try it out in class.

Would that teachers in Japan had done so long ago!  Would that everyone thinking nuclear should see these images!  When I first saw these terrible birth defects, my reaction was that nothing on Earth or in the Heavens is worth what has happened to those helpless little deformed children, and the world needs to see.

Our educational film PROPHECY&POLLUTION has been honored

at the 2014 International Film Festival of Health, Environment, and Cultlure.

Available for download or DVD,

PROPHECY&POLLUTION educational expose’ of exploitation history:


Today’s climate news from around the world

March 8, 2013



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