The educational video PROPHECY & POLLUTION (80 minutes) presents through documentary, docudrama, and animation a history of exploitation for oil and mining on lands of indigenous peoples.

Our environmental video trilogy PROPHECY&POLLUTION
has published for free viewing on YouTube:

Official Selection, GreenScreen Environmental Film Festival

Official Selection, Al Jazeera International Film Festival

Official Selection,  SURGE International Film Festival

Official Selection, Third World Indie Film Festival


Our educational film PROPHECY&POLLUTION has been honored

at the 2014 International Film Festival of Health, Environment, and Cultlure.

Available for download or DVD,

PROPHECY&POLLUTION educational expose’ of exploitation history:




Most of the films produced by Gwyn and Alan Gorg are available via amazon with the exception of downloads for PROPHECY&POLLUTION, the educational video presenting horrific images of suffering by indigenous peoples from oil and mining exploitation, but that movie is not intended as entertainment but to inform students and public of the realities, and so downloads are available:

PROPHECY & POLLUTION is a trilogy which starts with Part One, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI, nearly fifty years ago in a quiet pueblo village where connecting with nature has provided a peaceful agricultural life.

In Part Two EARTH SPIRIT, oil and mining development threaten the indigenous pueblo people, who raise protests, citing aboriginal prophecy that incursions into Mother Earth will bring disaster.

In the third and concluding part THIRD WORLD INVESTMENT SEMINAR, prophecy is fulfilled as corporate capitalism does in fact develop oil and mining on lands of indigenous peoples all around the world, and the results are more protests, but also widespread war, disease, and death.

The  three videos in the trilogy developed one by one over the course of almost fifty years following indigenous resistance against oil and mining:

>AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI (1970) documentary (9 minutes)

>EARTH SPIRIT  (2008) docudrama (35 minutes)

>THIRD WORLD INVESTMENT SEMINAR (2010) animation & documentary (36 minutes)

The first two videos in the trilogy above compose our 2008 video on prophecy:

The third video in the trilogy above was produced in 2010 as a short on pollution:

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